Monday, 24 June 2013

Cätärro Imsomnia European Tour 2013

Europe is gonna have a taste of one of the best power violence group from Brazil. The band just announced the dates, it is their first tour on the old continent and  will be in support of their latest release called Insonia (Insomnia) that you can hear and download for free here.

They put out the following statement: 

''Sobriety gives way to folly, security gives way to uncertainty, apathy is replaced by chaos and the complete abandonment of land. It is contrary to all the statistics and the balance that we survive. We Learn to self-manage Cätärro based on values such as friendship and cooperation. We don’t learned to pay for contacts, we don’t learned to pay someone to make our shows, we don’t learned to put the money on things that do not belong to anyone. Through the ethics and practice of DO IT YOURSELF and with the support of NO GODS NO MASTERS became possible IMSOMNIA EUROPEAN TOUR. This is a piece of us is gone, it is a portion of our flesh invested in the betting to share our way of living with people from various places. Believing that the notion of territory and nation are walls to be torn down. We are grateful to everyone involved in this tour. Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, we are waiting for this for a long time and now we will not sleep.''

They need help to organize a gig between Paris and Toulose contact

07/04 GER Berlin | Kopi
07/05 GER Finterwalde | Angry Voice
07/06 CZE Trutnov | Obscene Extreme Festival
07/09 CZE Prague | Modra Vopice Club
07/10 NLD Amsterdan | ADM
07/11 NLD Leiden | SUB071
07/12 BEL Brussels | DNA
07/13 BEL Antwerp | Antifa Brick
07/15 FRA Paris | La Miroiterie
07/17 FRA Toulouse | Les Pavillons Sauvages
07/18 FRA Marseille | Tableau Noir
07/19 ITA La Spezia | Wear Your Bandana Fest
07/20 ITA Romano di Lombardia | Kazamate Studio
07/22 ITA Miano | Ligera
07/23 ITA Padova | Open Air Biba Grindcore
07/24 ITA Mantova | Spazio Sociale LaBoje
07/25 CHE Bellinzona | Thrash Hardcore Night
07/26 AUT Innsbruck | Café deCentral
07/27 CZE Cerhovice | Hella Punx
07/28 CZE Prague | Cross Open Air

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