Saturday, 5 May 2012


Vulcano Destroying London
European Tour 2012

The first time Vulcano came to  London was to headline the last day of  the Live Evil Fest, a two days festival with only bands selected from Fenriz’s  Blog Band Of The Week, and that was amazing, the atmosphere, the bands, Vulcano had a brilliant performance and I thought  they wouldn’t be able to top that this time but they did, two years after at the same place and they filled with old school headbangers the London arguably most important underground venue, basically by themselves, even if Sepuku, Scythian and Necroriser were great supporters and fitting very well on the bill, but it was the South American legends who brought the swarm and destroyed it.

It was their third gig from the second European Tour and they were fresh and excited  and they transported it to the stage infecting the crowd, which gave such a great response that was able to get a smile from the always grim faced Zhema. They proved the songs from the new album works well live and can throw some Portuguese sung tunes in the set list and still get heads banging but enough of this you can see it all by yourself thanks to Celso Barbieri, who filmed and edited the whole performance, inclusive the Necroriser before them, given it a good audio quality. Everybody should check his website, shit loads of stuff about Brazilian rock and metal groups.

Below are three videos with the first half of the concert:

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