Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Insetu’s Choice : Banda Da Semana Mob Ape

Insetu’s Choice : Banda Da Semana

 Mob Ape - Crossover

Our second band of the week is inactive and we weren’t supposed to post but we are doing an exception because this band holds a special place with Insetus.
When Walkir and I decided to share a place back in 2001, the best place we’ve got was a small room with the toilet and shower outside, barely space enough for our things, two beds, a coocker, few clothes and boxes filled with shitloads of vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes and comics and our sacred trinity, three stereos each of them only with one function, vinyl, CD or tape.
On our first day there we had to confront gigantic flying cockroaches, they were overcoming us, until we put on the stereo a demo tape that I think it was called “Chuva de Lágrimas”, that I bought few days before from Hocus Pocus, it was our first listening and it was a blast, in few minutes it was a two people circle pit, no chance to the cockroaches, we were pogoing until death as they were singing in one of their tracks, we played this tape over and over.
Mob Ape was formed in João Pessoa – PB in 1997 and after two well received demo tapes and being on loads of compilations they invaded our savannah with their crossover  and after facing adaptation problems and line up changes they once more raised, releasing the CD/EP “Terra Do Medo”.
Today Marcio is living in Brasília and Bilmor still in Anápolis as they put the band on indefinite hold and Insetus is asking them to bring the crossover back, we miss Mob Ape, their songs and their attitude. 

“País rico, povo pobre” –Demo – 1997
“Vítimas” – Demo – 1998
“Chuva de lágrimas” –K7/album - 2000
“Terra do medo” – EP/CD - 2004

Participation in compilations
“HC Scene 03” (Lab. Rec./PR) – 1998
“Rock Soldiers 03” (UGK Rec./RS) – 1999
“O Progresso da regressão” (No Fashion HC Rec./SP) – 2000
“Noise for Deaf 03” (Rottheness Rec./SP) – 2001
“Unidos pela Causa Underground” (Cactus Rec./ PB – Independência Rec./DF – No Fashion HC Rec./SP) – 2002
“Expresso HC: O Estopim 02” (Inconformados Recs./RJ) – 2002

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