Monday, 25 June 2012


Our favorite band this week is nothing less than the Brazilian grind legends No Sense, formed in early 90’s, uniquely with a female vocalist, I don’t think at that time there was many women in grindcore bands, it was hard to find even with more conventional metal/hardcore bands, they had some repercussion during this early time to the point to get signed with Cogumelo records, which released a LP “Cerebral Cacophony”, everything was going fine at least musically, good acceptance they just suddenly ceased, to the sadness of all grindcore scene.
After few years some interesting projects, Abomydogs, Heavenly Kingdom, Empire of Souls e Abuso Sonoro, in the year of 2008, they come back to grind some hungry souls and it couldn’t be enough to comeback and just play some gigs, they released last year the album “Obey”, a little over  15 minutes of 15 tracks of extremely pure old school grindcore and those motherfuckers of my friends in Goiania will see this live soon, YOU BASTARDS!!!

Morto (guitar)
Paulo (drums)
Marly (vocals)
Ângelo (bass)

Demo Demo 1990  
Out of Reality EP 1991  
Cerebral Cacophony Full-length 1992  
Obey Full-length 2011


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