Sunday, 22 July 2012

Insetu’s Choice : CORJA

After a while without posting any bands here, we take the moment to bring Corja to our fading spotlight, but before talking about their music, we want to congratulate the 11 years of existence of Two Beer Or No To Beers, the label which was founded by Wander Segundo also a Corja fouding member, TBONTB is the foremost label in Goiânia if you are looking for the more aggressive side of music , they have released nearly everyone around here, including some bands we posted here like Ressonância Mórfica and soon will be realising Gerações Perdidas.

Now back to Corja,  the most misunderstood band from Goiânia, formed in 1998 as rapcore, then after some members change and a short breakup they reborn as a genre less kind of a band, essentially a hardcore band in its attitude and DIY ethos but with a great variety of genres mixed in their cauldron,  such as grindcore, death, thrash metal, 70’s hardrock, jazz and even funk with politicized and subversive lyrics.  Accepted  by some, ignored by others and respected by few  whom probably dismiss them as nu-metal (mostly just haters with no good reason), which they claim not to be, they prefer not to be labeled at all. If you are one of those who like a specific music genre only  you probably shouldn’t try this but if you like music that not conform with standards and got smart lyrics, Corja is something for you.
Daniel - Drums
Camboja – Guitar/Vocals
Segundo – Bass/Vocals

Não dê conversa, eles fazem a cabeça de vocês (2000) - Demo
As Incríveis Aventuras de Bush the Kid Contra o Império do Mal (2002)- Demo
Fogo Na Patricinha (2003) – CD-R
Al Qaeda's Greatest Hits (2006) – Full lengthy
Justiça Au Go Go (2011) – Full lengthy


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