Monday, 13 August 2012

Expose Your Hate: Title and tracklist of new album

The Brazilian band EXPOSE YOUR HATE discloses that his second studio CD will be titled "Indoctrination of Hate" and will be released, as well as the first album, by Black Hole Productions ( The work is in the final stages of mixing and will feature 18 songs, including the remake of "Life not for sale", which originally belongs to demo-tape “In god we crush (2001), and "Disembowel", cover of the American band AUTOPSY. The video clip of the new song "Ready to Explode" is already posted on the Internet and can be seen in the band's Youtube channel (

- Ready to explode
- Blessed by ignorance
- 666 reasons to hate
- When we destroy to create
- Spreading holy violence
- Deceived in faith
- Machine gun full of hatred
- Confront the untouchable
- Marked target
- Money power control
- My de-generation
- Odious operandi
- Self denial attitude
- Start the chaos
- Suspicious activity
- Transitory lifetime
- Life not for sale
- Disembowel (AUTOPSY)

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