Friday, 28 September 2012

Goiás's Underground Women - Role and Importance

The society constitutes mainly into two distinguished figures: a man and a woman. Focusing on role and feminine expression in underground culture, especially with those  more active, represents a recognition, admiration, affection and respect for such women.
It is possible that I put myself on a very sentimental point of view, considering that many of these women are longtime friends and have been through many hardships and joys together. However, I have a conviction: The relevance of these women, conduct individual and / or collective, the way they deliver their causes and projects, whether musical, photographic, event production, among others, the way they deal with prejudice , and persistence, resulted in a strengthening of the scene. So many times I saw that they needed to impose certain attitudes or conduct relentlessly, yet with a lot of maturity to be able to enjoy the same privileges, respect and rights granted to men, just as in any branch of the society. Committed to aggregate and conduct their activities, they have constantly shown throughout ability routinely delegated to male members, in a scene invariably focused on a superfluous wonder 'where and with whom you are?' And 'what do you have?' . Bring a spirit and determination inherent to a few people, somehow retain the serenity at the reproach, and their expectations are often filed and proclaimed carefully, however blunt. To emphasize these circumstances impartially and all this expressivity is the achievement of an ideal that dignifies the construction of the struggle to integrate and meet a whole culture. Acquired a good understanding of the varied previous experiences, becoming an intense acting force. This realization raises debates relevant concepts behind the exhibition that cause the strengthening of the movement, shimmering conceptions making them alive with the knowledge, the potentialities, needs, aspirations and ideals present in this underground culture.
                                                                                                                                         Júnior HC

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