Sunday, 23 September 2012

Insetu's Choice: Heretic

Influenced by Greek and egyptian culture and surely by the death metal band NILE, this band does a beautiful instrumental work, which themselves describing it as a dirty mix of Slayer with Ravi Shankar, with Guilherme Aguiar (Spiritual Carnage), Laysson (Spirits Of The Shadows) and Diogo Sertão (Symphonic Tragedy) on the actual formation, they've recently released an EP called Lamashtu, which weirdly includes a version to Billy Idol's Rebell Yell, sung by Wander Segundo (Corja,  TBONTB ...), as a preview to their second album, Liturgia, soon to be released.
Their first work Opus Heretika is available for free download on their page.!__page-0/about 

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