Sunday, 27 January 2013

Insetu's Choice: Necroriser

After another while without posting anything on this session i bring you Necroriser, a Brazilian/Colombian band based in London, a band that has no intention of being nice, their muisc is a punch in your face of South American style (Sepultura before Arise) of Death Metal with no bullshit whatsoever. Their guitarrist Mighell gave to us one short interview to know them  a bit better but off course the best way to know them is download their demo (free on reverbnation) and as soon its available, get your hands on their bloody  debut album and to their gigs.

1- What is Necroriser made off?
Hate, blood, passion, perseverance haaa... Vermeyo, throat/bass -Brazil - Mighell, guitar - Brazil - Rubem, drums - Colombia.
2- What shapes and influences the Necroriser sound?
Well we all grew up listening to different bands from old school punk/hardcore crossover to rock heavy metal/thrash/death/black such R.D.P.(Ratos de Porão), Nuclear Assault,Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Vulcano, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Venom, Bathory, Obituary, Napalm Death, Benediction, etc...
3- How is the song creation process in the band?
It’s always one of us have a riff or a lyrics or a drum part ... so we take all to the rehearsal get rid of the bullshit parts and BOOM it’s ready!
4- You guys did a small tour in Europe and UK and plays a lot around London, what are the differences between the underground here and in South America, if there are any?
Is two different realities to play in South-America and to play in Europe...
The european undergrounds energy is great too, there is nothing missing is just different.
The struggle, the upbringing of the third world. There is not a plan B in South America... I think that’s the difference really.
5- Necroriser has played in some punk/hc/crust events as well, how is it to play in a place where you don't have a safe crowd, a public which majority might not listen much to your sort of music?
It’s pretty cool as Necroriser liberally indulges in punk/hardcore and crust as well as Death Metal , so people can hear and find out which track suits their taste better.

6- You were recording your debut album, when and how it will be released? Has it been named? What can we expect from it?
Necroriser debut album will be out very soon filth bastards out there open your eyes and ears check us on Facebook for more information because this album will be remorselessly violent, 9 crushing bones tracks... like the good old days that you listen the whole album and press play again!
7- Thank you for your time and feel free to add anything.
The pleasure it was all ours brother!
As we said, the full-length abomination it’s ready and the live chaos will follow with no mercy. Some UK dates it’s already confirmed more to come soon and European dates around April... don’t miss it out filthy beasts!
Keep the underground burning!


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